Digital preservation and related games

Some games are available for downloading and printing. For other games you may have to contact the creator or publisher.

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Digital preservation games

ArchiveÉmilie Fortin and Jean-François Ruest of the Université LavalIn this collaborative and competitive game, you try to obtain the resources to keep your collections indefinitely!2-445mBoard gameGame of LifeCC BY-NC-SA 4.0I playtested an early version of the game at iPRES 2019 in Amsterdam.
CURATE! The Digital Curator GameDigCurV: Katie McCadden, Susan Schreibmann, Jennifer Edmond, Kate Fernie and Carol UsherPut yourselves into digital project scenarios and address challenges that arise when institutions engage with digital curation and preservation.4-645mBoard gameMonolopyCURATE! is copyright of DigCurV.CURATE! inspired me to start developing Preservia.
DANS Data GameDANS-KNAW: Ricarda Braukmann, Heidi Berkhout, Ellen Leenarts, Cees H.J. Hof, E.M.S. Dijk and René van HorikThe DANS Data Game gives an impression of the research data landscape and was produced for the 15th anniversary of DANS in 2020.2 or more15mCard gameQuartetCC-By-SAThank you Henk van den Heuvel for mentioning this game.
Data Horror Escape RoomA collaborative team from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Leiden University and the Eindhoven University of TechnologyCan you escape this online data horror escape room?1-many45mEscape roomOnlineCC-BY-SA-4.0
Digital Preservation Jeopardy!Ruby Martinez and Tricia PattersonWhat is Digital Preservation Jeopardy?1-many15mJeopardy!Jeopardy!UnknownPhoto credits: Digital Preservation Coalition, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
Digital Preservation Storage Criteria GameNational Library of New ZealandPlayers consider the relative importance of each criterion in the context of specific roles where resources or support may be limited.3-530-60mBoard gameDrafting/Deck buildingCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 International LicenseImage credit: Ashley Blewer
File Format or Fake?Karyn WilliamsonTest your file format knowledge: is the file format on the screen an existing or fake file format?1-many10mQuizzChoose between two options.UnknownPlayed it at iPRES 2022 in Glasgow.
Mille FormatsÉmilie Fortin and Jean-François Ruest of the Université LavalTry to get your format cards into a trusted digital repository before anyone else.2-720mCard gameDrafting/Deck buildingCC BY-NC-SA 4.0
Nibble in CyberspaceRoss SpencerHelp Nibble fight entropy itself by following good #digipres practice1as long as you wantVideo gameShoot 'em upContact Ross Spencer
ObsolescenceColin Armstrong and Valene Jouvet of the British LibraryObsolescence is a competitive card game, themed around the practices and challenges of digital preservation. Avoid obsolescence by not drawing an ‘Obsolescence’ card.2-515-30mCard gameExploding kittensRetheme of 'Exploding Kittens'. Use only in a non-commercial capacity.Obsolescence is a lot of fun and has beautiful original graphics.
Open Science Escape RoomElisa Rodenburg,
Lena Karvovskaya, Eirini Zormpa and Anna Volkova
Can you escape this online open science escape room?1-many45mEscape roomOnlineCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 International LicensePlayed it at iPRES 2022 in Glasgow.
PreserviaRemco van VeenendaalRoll dice, explore Preservia, recover heritage, restore policy. Win!2-460-90mBoard gameEurogame / Role-playing gameCC0
Save my bitsEld ZierauLearn more about bit preservation. Invest your money wisely and form alliances. don't lose bit information.3-1060-90mBoard gameEurogameCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
The Digital ArchivistGiulia Carla RossiThe Digital Archivist is a video game about digital preservation that uses a webcam combined with a colour tracking algorithm as the player’s input.15mVideo gameSpace invadersContact Giulia Carla RossiPlayed it at iPRES 2022 in Glasgow. Photo credit: Giulia Carla Rossi.
Ticket to preserveHerman Uffen en Tamar KinkelTogether with colleagues, you will learn how to get a grip on sustainable digital heritage collection expenditure and how to map out your ambitions.2-445mBoard gameMonolopy/Ticket to rideContact Netwerk Digitaal ErfgoedI had the opportunity to contribute to the game's development.

Play-A-LOD AnimalsMarcia van Oploo, Constant Gordon, Erwin Folmer and Platform Linked Data Nederland.The aim of the Play-a-LOD Animals is to become acquainted with the principles of Linked Data, by creating triples consisting of a Subject - Predicate - Object.2-415-30mTile-based gameDominoesDominoesBuy the game at or contact Hans van Bragt.
InformatiespelHermes advies en managementThe aim of the game is to get information management
on the agenda, to raise awareness and lay the foundations of knowledge.
groups60-90mSerious gameStorytelling/Deck buildingUnknownThank you André Plat for mentioning this game.
KVAN jubileumkwartetKVANA quartet game created to celebrate the 125th anniversary of KVAN.2-415mCard gameQuartetsUnknown